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We all know that B was rejected by The New Yorker in the 40's, but I was reading Bukowski in the Bathtub and came across this conversation where Thomas mentions The New Yorker. It's not clear to me whether they're saying that the lost piece was actually published or not.

The other piece they mention about Machado -not included in a book, don't know which one, though- is for real. I have a copy. It's a very loooong poem from the early 60's. Not a good one. It's just B. telling Machado's bio in his own words after reading a Machado bio by some other author.

Bukowski wrote a poem titled "The New Yorker" which was published in a little mag in 1990, but this conversation between Thomas and B. probably took place in 1967 or so, so I don't think Thomas is talking about that poem. Thomas mentions he has the piece on tape, so I suspect they are talking about A Terror Street and Agony Way, but, still, don't get the The New Yorker connection...


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Sounds (reads) to me that Bukowski wrote a poem about the New Yorker or somehow relating to the New Yorker that Thomas liked but Bukowski thought was lost after submitting it to the 'guy'.

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