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Readers of words, this book for your baby useful to guide parents in to raise baby well.

Book Description: Chinese Women s Press Pub. Date :2010-01-01, 2010. Soft cover. Book Condition: New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pages Number: 236 Language: Chinese. Publisher: Chinese Women s Press Pub . Date :2010-01-01. District Mu Jie 1 ~ 3 years old child rearing authoritative guidance is the area in recent years Mu Jie children aged 1 to 3 Q A summary of parenting issues, including nutrition, life care, language learning, cognitive training, hand skills training, music, culture, social interaction, common diseases, preventive health care in ten areas. District Mu Jie 1 ~ 3 years old child rearing authoritative guidance content rich, comprehensive, and new parents are most concerned about baby growth and development and conservation issues, to six months of age with the questions and answers for the detailed answers, to help parents develop good care of the baby, Let your baby in the appropriate age should be the ability to grasp, is essential reading for parents, parental science instruction. Contents: 1 ~ 1 1.1 years half years old baby s diet and nutritional needs of 1 What is the difference before the age of 2. What diet can promote the baby teeth 3. How to avoid the baby suffering from iron deficiency anemia 4. This little baby a few months how to do weight gain 5. Why should your baby eat at the table together with 6 adults. I heard breastfeeding to 2 years of foreign ideas, I shall stick to you 7. How to weaning 8. I refused to eat baby formula how to do eat yogurt can 9. Refused to eat baby food supplement how to do 10. Heat milk in the microwave oven should pay attention to 11. Baby food intake is small, can be a bit strong do against the milk powder 12. Baby fall in love with the fire, drink herbal tea please 13. Baby please drink 14. Just give the baby to be his favorite meal please 15. Iron okay to eat baby spinach 16. Baby porridge only how to do 17. How to prepare for the transition of broken dishes and meat 18. Why do babies always calcium 19. Why should we pay attention to the problem of obesity in baby care for a living. How to coax your baby to sleep 2. Often crying baby at night how to do 3. Baby bear before the skull has not closed up 4. How to prevent your baby summer prickly heat, 5.1 years long after the baby touch you need to do 6. How to avoid falling baby bed 7. The total baby watch TV okay 8. Families bear the noise you 9. How to prevent mosquitoes in summer -10. How to prepare and convenient full-crotch pants 11. Baby wear with a finger toothbrush okay 12. Bottle tooth is how the matter how to prevent 13. Concrete should be removed from sucking on a pacifier you should do 14. Grandfather and father are to smoke at home, the baby will affect you 15. How to prevent your baby a dangerous language learning. Even my mother will not name the baby, is not the language behind the 2. Why did my baby do not want to do body language 3.1 points year-old baby Why can draw people s sex and age 4. Why is the baby spoke little, and can only say that one sound, people did not understand 5. Let your baby learn children s songs rhyme words necessary to do 6. Pay attention to adult baby is the wording of that action, learning how to teach him to follow 7. Baby will notice one or two characters, you can get him a cognitive training. 1 year old baby to look at the book useful to do things considered 2. Baby you can understand the time 3. Colors do you know when to teach your baby how to teach it better 4. Understanding of how to teach your baby learn the shape it more difficult to identify the color shape recognition than you 5. Understanding of how to transport your baby 6. The baby is most likely to know what kinds of household appliances 7. How to make baby want to help adults take things do great exercise 1. Wrestling baby easily how to do 2. Baby steps to walk quickly, why not slow down 3. Why go backwards to learn the baby 4. Baby is like the stairs, adults can let go of you 5. Not how to do the baby down the stairs 6. Why. Bookseller Inventory # 813940
Grandfather and father are to smoke at home, the baby will affect you

I knew it! Nobody would listen when I spoke about the dangers of 'passive baby'. Tonight the baby goes outside whilst I enjoy my smoke.
Baby fall in love with the fire, drink herbal tea please. Sounds like the name of a book of hiaku. Translated Chinese book descriptions are a hoot. Here's one I found a while back:

"Fairyland Around Us" by HUAI TE LI. Book Description: Soft cover. Book Condition: New. [...] Paperback. Pages Number: 239 Publisher: Chinese Theatre Press; 1 edition (September 1, 2005). sold nearly a hundred years of Anglo-American nature classics of literature, the famous writer Wang Meng, a famous poet Bei Dao, a famous writer Wang Shuo, the film director Zhang Yuan , a famous writer to the United Arab recommended. urbanized era ideal gift, washing anxious restless spirit springs, ideal for books worth reading a hundred times. prodigy into the inner world, feelings of unity with nature Zen tranquility. She eyes unusually warm, she was always faithful to carefully outline the forest creatures that live; her heart is extraordinarily sensitive, and to divine the thoughts and emotions to get to the bottom of the delicate emotions and feelings that animals and plants; her natural the child with a childlike perception of this world, and the answer is to tell more people - even people that age is not, it still can feel the pulse of the Qingyi and profoundly touched. simulacra anthropomorphic Innocence interesting language, Fairyland Around Us is a dreamy and familiar. time rotation, memory beginning, young age of curiosity and imagination are so stubborn and insist on gratifying and lovely. then every things are active, you can to talk to. revisit such a context, people could not help but smile . . Ao Paer was a child prodigy, she was sent under God, the true human spirit. no matter what she was in Department, she can feel and revel in the beauty around me, she loves every piece of forest land and said, This is the most wonderful to live in the world [...]"

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