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Dear all, hello!
I am looking for a poem which appears in Bone Palace Ballet collection - Bach. I've found a poem "Bach, come back", however not the one I am searching for. It is a little poem which I stumbled at once in Russian translation (I am Russian). Since then I've been longing to have the original. Surfing through the I-net turned out to be fruitless.
Thank you in advance!
If it will help spread culture to Russia, I'm all for it.

Bach, come back

sitting in this old chair, listening to Bach,
the music splashes across me, refreshing, delightful.
I need it, tonight I feel like a man who has come back
from the same old war, death in life,
as my guts say not again, not again, to have fought
so hard for what?
too often, the only escape is sleep.
Bach saves me, momentarily.
so often I hear my father laughing, the dead laughter
of the father who seldom laughed in life
is laughing now.
then I hear him speak: "You haven't escaped me.
I appear in new forms and work at you through
I'm going to make sure that hell never stops for
then Bach is back.
Bach couldn't you have been my father?
nonetheless, you make my hell
I have come back from suicide, the park bench, it was a
good fight
but my father is still in the world,
he gets very close at times
and suicide creeps back into my brain,
sits there, sits there.
as old as I have gotten,
there is still now no peace,
no place,
and it has been months since I,
myself, have laughed.
now Bach has stopped
and I sit in this old chair.
old man, old chair.
I still have the walls, I still have my
death to do.
I am alone but not lonely.
we all expect more than there
I sit in undershirt, striped pants, slippers.
hell has a head, hell has feet and a mouth,
hell has hair and nostrils,
hell curves down and encircles me
and I think of bridges, windows,
buildings, sidewalks,
last New Year's Eve,
an eyeball in the sand,
the dogs, the dogs, running in this
room now,
eight of them,
nine of them,
many of them,
coming closer and closer,
I watch them,
I wait,
old in my slippers,
something cutting through me,
the dark night humming and
no laughter,
no laughter
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Oh thanks but you've probably misunderstood. "Bach, come back" is the one I did find. I am looking for one merely called "Bach". You can find it in Bone Palace Ballet pg. 357 - 1997 edition.

listening to a work of his
recorded in
I was 3 years old
but Bach was

I am soon going
to die
but I feel no
remorse about

Bach and I are
in this

his music now
lifts me beyond
and my

Bach, thanks to you,
I have no

sorry if this sounds like trying to get laid and I hope the huge geographical distance proofs it's not the case: You're beautiful.

oh, by the way: welcome here.

and p.s.:
this is a great poem about a great composer, which makes me want to put the mass in b minor into the CD-player now!
wow, thank you and thanks for the welcoming! I just synchronized my FB profile with the account in here to get it faster, no intention to show off. But thanks.
Yes, I was quite impressed by the poem in russian let alone by the original. It is piercing. A great deal.

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