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Moved recently and found the autograph of Bukowski that his friend Red, of Baroque Books, gave to me. Saw some posts about Red, difficult man, etc. So what!? Can't imagine those same people meeting want people to always be nice? Get a puppy, they look at you like a god and are nice as hell, the two things you're looking for.

It took invested time to breakthrough with Red. Under it all he was a little boy, and would easily blush red talking about himself in any the time he told me when Bukowski came in to see him and asked Red if it was ok to use Red's name in a novel he was writing, Ham on Rye...he blushed red speaking of it, the idea that his friend and great writer would take the time to come in and ask to borrow a name, a generic nickname no less, Red. Does say much about Bukowski's character, too.

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