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Bad Brains! Good stuff!! I don't live too far from their stomping grounds. Banned in D.C.! :DD

The closed-mindedness about other genres of music that I used to encounter among too many metal fans, at least many years ago, back in my days as a young (10-15 years old) kid who loved both punk and metal, eventually played a large role in turning me off to metal, itself, for many, many years. That was definitely an overreaction on my part-- I went from being hugely into metal to turning almost entirely away from it, because I came to hate certain aspects of "the metal scene" that were just so knee-jerk and bothersome. I wish that I had continued to listen to and keep up with metal, for so many years, but oh well, the past is the past. Now, in my 40s, I am getting back into metal though, and catching up with my old favorites, and discovering some new ones, and it's great!
Unfortunately, he does still have a point, as much as I wish that were not the case. All too often, metal fans shoot their own, simply for trying to grow and learn more about other styles of music, and, sometimes, in the case of metal bands, for daring to even try to incorporate a bit of another style into metal... The standard "dismissal line," as I remember it, was always, "He/she/they sold out! They went poser!" It all got very old very fast, which led me, in turn, to go in all kinds of different listening directions, from Miles Davis to Frank Sinatra to Joy Division, and on and on, which continues to this day.

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