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"The law is wrong; I am right"
"Women contains heavy sexual content not to everyone's taste and can easily viewed by many as the chauvinistic fantasies of a bitter old alcoholic. If you can force yourself through those initial barriers you will find an American classic by an author who is a true member of the Beat Generation."

A true Member of the Beat Generation? - Yeah, sure! :rolleyes:
I hate classifying people by "Generations". What does it mean? Nothing... At least if they called him a "Beat Writer". then I could argue that he was not a beat, but since they said generation, that lumps him in with anyone of about the same age that was a writer. That would put him in the same "beat generation" as other writers like Louis L'Amour & James Michener. Who, like Buk were not beat.

"... whilst flying drunkenly across the country to give concert like poetry readings to hip young American students, from whom he cannot hide his disgust and hatred."


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