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why at the end of bar fly chinaski is staying with wanda real woman but in real life Buk choose gooooooolden cage attenion seeker gold digger linda aka bukowski.that is not poetry man thats week puusy cock sucking wank.

real is reallllllllll buk is henry no other way around all or nafing
Erm... Tully Sorenson is not a movie version of Linda Bukowski. She is a composite character.

Most of the real-life events that inspired the script took place during a much earlier part of Bukowski's life.
Yes, I always though that Tully was more Liza Williams, who was an exec at Island Records.

She was NOT Linda Lee Bukowski, though.
that is not poetry man...
Right, it's not poetry, it's a movie. And it's not a documentary.

That you made it through the forum registration process - while barely able to type English - just to post that deep insight is inspirational though. It gives hope to other semi-literate knobs who may be standing on the sidelines, thinking, "I cud nevar due thatt!" Good on ya, bruvver.

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