Barbaro Survives Surgery - To Never Race Again (But Fuck Forever!) (1 Viewer)


Good news from the world of horse racing. Preakness casualty (and post-time favorite) Barbaro will apparently recover from leg surgery well enough to be put up for stud in the future. He fractured his right rear hind-leg in the first 100 yards of Pimlico's Triple Crown contest on Saturday. Thankfully, veterinary surgeons suceeded in placing a steel plate and lots of screws to mend a leg shattered in almost TWENTY PIECES ! (according to ESPN).

He's got a nice track record - plus the Derby title - so those stud fees should keep the owners happy and keep Barbaro the luckiest bachelor in Kentucky.

I'm glad to see the happiest ending possible in a sad storyline. Any horse fans here?

A toast to modern medicine.......:)
Or, anyone care to riff on the "luckiest bachelor in Kentucky" scenario ?

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