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Barfly DVD for $30 (1 Viewer)


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That's PAL, it isn't going to work for most in the U.S.

And it's region 0, which I thought meant it's not a studio release (i.e. a bootleg). Unless the big studios started making region 0 releases, which I kind of doubt. Kind of flies in the face of their control issues.


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Right, it's PAL. I did´nt think of that. Another thing I did´nt think of was the audio comments by Schroeder, which I believe is on the original American release, but not on the PAL release on Amazon.


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Yes, the Schroeder commentary is on the official release, along with a little documentary, I drink, I gamble, I write; the making of Barfly, and a few chapters of the Bukowski Tapes.

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