Barfly - Official Re-Release on DVD June 2009 (1 Viewer)

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Release Date: June 30, 2009

The pic is an Australian copy. Seems like it may be coming via Shock records in Australia, who brought out the Oz dvd of Born Into This.

Bukowski buffs are very excited that this long deleted and much sought after classic is coming available again

Also listed on everyone's favourite auction site, obviously.
I can't help but wonder when they are region 0 (playable anywhere) releases though. A big studio is unlikely to authorize a 0 release. But maybe Warner Bros. doesn't hold the distribution rights anymore, who knows. It's been almost 7 years since the WB DVD was released.

But at least it reminds me that I should watch that again...never seen it in its full native widescreen format. Always watched it on a regular TV screen.
That's Great!
Unfortunately, doesn't have it.

But I'm about to go into negotiations with these guys for the bukshop.
I finally received "Barfly" from Amazon today, after it was delayed a couple of times. I was very disappointed when I found out the commentator track with Barbet Schroeder was missing - damn! Well, at least the movie is out on DVD again...
I should think so. The cover looks legit, and I don't think Amazon would sell bootlegs. Perhaps some seller at Amazon would, but not Amazon themselves. It's released by a company called Shock. I have'nt checked out the company though...
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