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It's on the Barfly DVD too.

I know the price seems steep these days, but it's worth hunting down just for Barbet Schroeder's commentary track. And the trailer, and the "making of Barfly," and the great picture quality...
Due for release in Scandinavia!

Barfly is due for release on DVD in Scandinavia it seems.
Release date is 6-Feb-2008, or so it says on this site:
Doesn't say anything about extras though. Will keep an eye on this to see if it really happens.
Is it the same cover as the US edition?
SF (Svensk Filmindustri) is one of the leading film distributors in Scandinavia. Here's some info for your local DVD salesman:

Oh - and the price? about 20$ with the current exchange rate.
Lucky us paleface shivering sleet soaked winter cold and beer warmed vikings! :D
That's a different cover to the US edition. I think the Australian edition had that cover. I have also seen posters with the same image.

Let us know about the extras when you know Erik.
so, we're seeing international release. wonder if there is any hope for a re-release in the states? one could only hope. i really don't feel like paying 100 bucks for it so I'll just be satisfied with my vhs. that is a cooler cover though.
I just rented Barfly yesterday for the first time. The Video store owes me a favor, so I'll see what they want for the DVD. The lady told me they hadn't rented it since last year. I kept waiting for Mickey Rouke to say "I've had alls I can stands I's can'ts stands no more" He was pretty good though. I'll let you know how much they want for the DVD, Ryan Z.
That's really great news, Erik! Please keep us updated on the extra's!
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Looks like a DVD-R knock off:
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No go in Scandinavia:

The latest news on the release of Barfly in Scandinavia: this has been canceled due to a dispute over the film rights. Maybe someone read my message on this forum and stopped it? ;)
Damn! Let's hope they settle the dispute soon...:(
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