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  1. There are an lot of messages about the movie BARFLY
    Unfortunately i still do not have the original English-version on DVD.

    There are some bootlegs avainable, for example the Greek version.
    This is NOT an good version
    because you can not switch out the greece language/subtitles.

    I just ordered an German edition that is available for E10,--
    by this version of BARFLY is made/distributed by KOCH MEDIA.
    The good thing by amazon you can directly order the
    official CD "live at the markthalle hamburg 1978 " in one buy.

    Where i am waiting on is an English-version on BLUE RAY that is widely
    avaible then all our problemes are solved.

    Does anyone has allready seen the Australian version ?
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    Best summary of Barfly I've ever seen (courtesy of Google translate):

    Booze and fights are the cornerstone in the life of poet Henry Chinaski Penner. Until one day his dream girl at the counter meets Wanda. With her he wants to share vodka and bed, but the right house is not peace. Especially as the lovely publisher Tully will fetch the poet himself into the golden cage. But this refuge and Wanda lines under its claim to the artist with a thrashing of the rival. Now the day with drinks and thrashing again take its course.

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