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Just wanted to let you know about BBC Radios 4 and 4 Extra. You can listen online for free here:
Radio 4 has general talk, news, drama and comedy. Radio 4 Extra has more drama, comedy and book readings (although R4 also has a few of the latter). The main reason for me mentioning it is that they sometimes do good readings. Here is one of a Richard Matheson story (but only available until Monday 9 April):
The website has programmes for 7 days after braodcast, then they become unavailable. (Though there are a fair number of repeats.)
Never heard Bukowski but Aldiss, Bradbury, Ballard, Dick, Matheson, Lovecraft, Poe, Wyndham, Shute, as well as classics turn up on a reglular basis.
Thought we could use this thread to let people know about currently available readings as they turn up.
Generally not - hence the expiration date kind of biting. I think there is software which allows you record streamed programs but I wouldn't know about that.
Some general programs are available as podcasts but the readings and dramas usually not. But hey - look around the sites and surprise us!
Not a reading, but a favourite of mine from Radio 4. As far as soothing voices are concerned; Bragg takes precedence over Morgan Freeman (please do tell if my semi-colon is placed incorrectly -- I am fairly despondent at this hour and unsure as to whether my clauses are independent/relative -- please do reply in one long Proustian sentence).

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