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Black Swan's King of Kong post reminded me of BBS: The Documentary.

BBSes (Bulletin Board System) were part of the pre-web internet. You had your modem dial a number which connected you to a computer somewhere (typically) in your city that was running Bulletin Board software. It was all very slow and primitive and text only, of course.

In and funny and it's good that someone went around and interviewed a lot of them.

It's really long and it's not something you can rent, unfortunately. But if you think you might be interested, it's $45 well spent.
Good one mjp. I love geeks! The beauty of the project is the patchwork.
Who knows, perhaps could be a great subject for a documentary of the sort?
The material is there for sure.;)
Just watched 3 hours of BBS and the rest tonight. It is great to hear everyone's angle.

This ain't no ass licking to use your language mjp, but It makes me appreciate what you have done with this site even more. Even if you shit on the peace and love thing at times, this here is not so far from it.

My 2 grams...;)

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