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Beat Scene #17 (1 Viewer)

Looking for the only beat scene issue I'm missing (been looking for a couple of years now). Taking a gamble to see if anyone here has a copy to spare?

Kevin Ring does not have any copies left for sale.



This one is strangely overpriced, although that is standard pricing for Amazon, in their land of over-sized women and overpriced used books...

Still, maybe contact the seller and see what they will let it go for?

Also, try emailing or calling Jeff Maser in California. He has a lot that is not listed on the website. Another one to try is Arthur Nusbaum at Third Mind Books in Ann Arbor. He specializes in WSB...

That truly is an insane price (im willing to spend 20-30 dollars). It's not a valuable magazine - bought nr 16 on ebay for 1 dollar - but I would like to complete the collection.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll send them an email.

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