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Being a big Beatle fan of the Rubber Soul-Magical Mystery Tour era (what a huge change in some 18 months), I finally bought Anthology Vol. 2. I've owned all the comercially-available records and several other things that have fallen into my lap, as it were, for a long time, so I was thinking that this series would be just a re-hash of what's already out there.

No, no. Anthology Vol. 2 is a brilliant encapsulation of recording studio demos, live tracks, initial/intermediate takes, and variants, and it gives the listener a good sense of how some of the more complex arrangements evolved. Two big thumbs up.
Don't forget vols 1 and 3. And the dvd version is a complete different thing: a lot of unseen video & audio. Even the commercial released versions of the songs are brilliantly remixed and remastered. Rent them first if you can and if you're not sure. You're going to agree with me.
i too have only Vol 2, more or less for the same reasons.
But i won't go for the others, since i am no 'BIG' Beatles-fan.

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