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Beatnest on ebay - BEWARE!!! (1 Viewer)

I just had a very unpleasant experience on ebay.

There is a seller - Beatnest - who has been selling a lot of high end Bukowski and BSP books.

Some rare "Printer" copies and other nice items.

I have bought off him previously and been happy.

However, I received the "Printer's" copy of The Captain with a rip at the bottome of the cloth spine - coincidentally - the only angle that wasn't shown in the auction photos.

I contacted him/her and was told it was not like that when it was sent.

Yeah - I'm going to pay nearly $300 for a book and then damage it!!!!

Didn't respond to my initial e-mail and then when I send follow up saying I will escalate matter unless I hear from seller - tells me to go jump.

I never complain on this kind of stuff - but what a DICK!
I hope that he decides to make good on the book. Being blacklisted by the largest group of Bukowski collectors will virtually guarantee that he sells his future books for far less than he would have as many people will not bid on them if he does not make good.

If the seller reads this: This buyer is a high end and knowledgable book collector and would sooner smash his testicles with a hammer than damage a book, especially Bukowski. If he says that it was damaged when he got it, you can count on it.

Thanks Bill.

And now he is claiming I am "dishonest" as I had the book mailed to my sister to on send to me. He thinks this should be banned by ebay.

This is after he increased his overseas shipping costs nearly 10 times after my initial purchase.

And to make matters even more ridiculous - he has asked me to refrain from bidding on his future items. I have been the under bidder on a number of his books netting him extra hundreds of dollars!!!!
In the ebay dispute process - I offered for the matter to be resolved by the seller showing one photo of the bottom of the spine in undamaged condition - I will not hold my breath.
can you post a pic of the tear? i want to see how big of an oversight in terms of describing condition we're talking about here. justine (if she read this board) would make fun of me for getting as angry as you seem to be over a 1/64" imperfection on a part of the spine you can only see with a loupe.
PBBUK, Why did you post positive FB? Even with the note added, a positive is a positive.

i really hope that the seller makes good on it. It seems that he is a good seller and seems to have the goods, so hopefully he'll do the right thing.

I accidentally posted positive feedback - same feedback left for a Fante hardcover that arrived at the same time. You can't take away mistaken positive feedback but I have altered it.

The damage is substantial and is mainly on the bottom of the spine but also extends to th front bottom of the spine.

If someone PMs me how to attach a photo I will - as I sent it to the seller.
When adding a post, hit "Go Advanced" and then scroll down to find "Manage Attachments." From there you can upload several different picture file formats directly to your post. You can upload directly from your computer or from an on-line source.

If I recall, it's a two-step process. First upload, then "place inline."
See photos attached.

BukCaptain.JPG bukcaptain2.JPG

Below is my latest response to the seller.

"The fact I had mail redirected is legitimate. Your cost of over $100 of mailing a small book is obscene. The damage to the spine is in 2 areas - the main damage is at the bottom of the spine - I sent you a clear photograph. The secondary damage is to the bottom front of the spine. You can make out the exact shape in your photo. However, due to the swirly pattern of the cloth spine - you can not tell it is a rip in the photo - it looks like it is part of the spine. You may very well have been mistaken and not realised the rip - and thought it was part of the pattern. BUT the fact I can make out the rip shape on the front of the spine in your ebay photos (and there is no way you could tell it was a rip as opposed to part of the pattern the way you photographed it) AND the fact you did not photograph the bottom of the spine where the major damage is - means I have to be successful in my claim. You can agree to refund my money or offer me a settlement OR leave it up to ebay. "
That is fucked up. He sent you a damaged book and charged you over $100 for shipping? Do you know what the actual shipping cost was?

If you used paypal you can dispute the charge. I don't know how effective that will be but probably worth doing anyway.
The way I read that is that PBBUK had the book sent to his sister to avoid the $100+ shipping cost.

Problem is, arguing shipping costs will get you nowhere with ebay or paypal and will only incite the seller. If you have a claim, keep to the debatable issues. The shipping rate is ridiculous, my point is that it's hard to argue it. But if he did change the price of shipping after you won the item, you've got a case.
Yeah, really, a major defect should always be mentioned. Saying "See photos for condition" when damage is not clearly shown in the photos is deceptive, even if unintentional.

AND, in fairness, this book could be sent to you with USPS Global Priority for $11, plus maybe another $5 for insurance if they offer it. $100 postage is crazy.

The main point is the damage to the book.
He previously charged me a reasonable amount to send a book to me in Australia - $18.
But then he upped his overseas shipping to over $100.
So I had him send the book to my sister in the US and she on sent it to me. So I just paid $4.27 US shipping to him and then my sister a little to on send the book. I do this a bit when people only offer shipping in US - just makes it easier.
Here's the reasons for the new shipping price:

"On Jul-30-10 at 12:52:39 PDT, seller added the following information:
A note to my international buyers- I apologize that I have had to change my shipping methods. US international first class mail does not provide tracking information.One man's avarice is punishing to the rest of us..... As a result, I have to use UPS which is VERY expensive but worth it if this is the item you are really looking for. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about this new and unfortunate policy. Thanks."

The 100$ is just not realistic for a book under 1000$ dollars. Ridiculous. I've also bought several books from this seller and never had any complains. On the contrary he has been top notch and very fast in delivering the books internationally. Really a bummer for you PBBUK. Can't believe beatnests reaction to your claim.
The guy appears to be a dick, no doubt about that, and as the buyer you should always get the result you want.

But damn, that price was really a steal. You kind of got it for what I'd expect it to go for if the flaw was fully disclosed in the listing.

That's not to say that you shouldn't be upset, I certainly would be. But if the claim doesn't go your way, at least you'll be "stuck with" a decent buy. That's one way to look at it.
I emailed him awhile back, and he seemed friendly enough. Said he ran a bookstore in Santa Barbara for six years, which is how he picked up all these 'printer's copies' he's been selling.

The whole situation sucks because nobody comes out happy, and you're both convinced the other guy's in the wrong. The danger of internet buying and selling, certainly.

I would agree with mjp though - you got a printer's copy for a nice price. I intended to bid on that one, but totally spaced it. And I would've certainly cost you a few extra bucks.

And hey, looks like you've got THREE very nice 'The Captain is out to Lunch' books. Which, if you're keeping track, is three more than I have. So THAT's something too.

Not trying to downplay your totally legit frustration, just pointing out the silver lining a little.

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