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Just bought the "Beauti-ful" chapbook (Wormwood Review #110-111) and I noticed that it starts with page 41. Anybody knows why?... Could it be because it's #2-3 of vol. 28, so #1 of vol. 28 (#109) would have pages 1 to 40? And anyway, what's the deal with this grouping in volumes, as I noticed this also for other magazines?... Is it just for indexing purposes, or?
Wormwood Review was sold in subscriptions of four issues, so perhaps this was a way of tracking that (although someone who came in mid-cycle probably had their subscription ending at the next mid-point).

Pagination in WR began with issue #5 (Vol 2, No. 1).

And you are correct; Issue #109 contains pages 1-40. But a better way to have answered your question would be for you to just get the other 144 isues - you wouldn't regret it.
Thanks Purple Stickpin for the info. Actually, I do want to get me some more Wormies and am planning to continue with buying the Buk exclusives first. But I believe it will take some time (and by "time" I mean "money") until I'll have all 145 of them on one shelf :)
They pop up on ebay pretty regularly.

A word of advice. Go on abe and buy a copy of #105. That one is very tough to find. You don't want to have a #105 sized hole in your collection down the road. #71 (legs, hips & behind) is also a tough one.

I saw #71 recently on Ebay, but the $100 price was a little too high for me, although it was cheaper than similar copies on Abebooks. It didn't sell, maybe it will pop up again for less. #105 sells for $25-$30 on Abe, so I guess I can squeeze it on my "To Buy" list, but I don't know if it'll make it too soon. The clamshell for my "Crucifix..." copy is on that list for several months now and I still didn't get to order it :)
I have a couple extra copies of Wormie that I'll sell. One is even the 1/70 signed by the late Steve Richmond. I have a full run, but that will be for my kids to sell when I'm gone. As long as I am alive that set stays with me....

An added bonus to getting the issues with Buk in them is that Gerry Locklin is in almost all, if not all, of them. There are plenty of other gems mixed in - be sure to check out our own David Barker who shows up fairly often and even has a whole issue devoted to his work Scenes from a Marriage, #75.
This may need its own thread, but one person that I loved reading Wormie ,but has not been mentioned here before is Charles Harper Webb. Those with copies that he is in may want to check him out. i believe that he still teaches in California.


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