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Hi !
If you want to participate to create a film based upon an excerpt from "Women" you can go here
It's a french website, but some videos about this project are in English. If you want to know more about the project, to have English informations, just leave a message or contact lesfilmsduchatblanc on their facebook page for this project :
We would be glad to give you necessary informations.
Take care,


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
I'm sorry, man. I'd lie if I tell you I like the "screaming" footage.
But I'm sure your intentions are good.
And Belgium is a pretty bilingual country.
For information, the synopsis :

Henry Chinaski, minor poet,
gets lost in the woods and runs out of beer.
Nature doesn't care.
Neither does Lydia.
The question is: What would Jack London do?

The film obteined the agreement of Linda Bukowski and Jon Davison (Paul Verhoeven's producer) who got the adaptation rights of women.
We will shoot the film in the région Auvergne, in the Cantal in september. And we need people who like Buk to make live this film which did not have support in France.
We decided to do this film against all this shitty French cinema system.

We also want to make a film with humor, a caracteristic of Bukowski's wrights which is often avoided. I'm not the director of the film, which explains why my English is approximativ...
Thanks for your attention,


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You seem not to be convinced...
That makes two of us.

Is there a web site where I can pledge money to ensure that you abandon this and go ruin someone else's work? I'd be glad to do that.

Yat-il un site Web à je peux l'argent engageons à vous assurer que vous abandonner cette ruine et aller de quelqu'un d'autre travail? Je serais heureux de le faire.
[...] obteined the agreement of Linda Bukowski and Jon Davison (Paul Verhoeven's producer) [...]

At least you care for copyrights. Many independent filmmakers don't. Of course, most of them don't have the money to buy rights or the luck to grab Mrs. Bukowski's attention at all.

I haven't had a look at your site. But will watch the film once it's out.
Yat-il un site Web à je peux l'argent engageons à vous assurer que vous abandonner cette ruine et aller de quelqu'un d'autre travail? Je serais heureux de le faire.
I'm sure we won't ruin his work. When I saw Factotum with this good looking guy with hair, this sad and boring film, I can tell they ruin his work. Obviously, this lil' extract does not represent the work we will do. I can assure you it was made quickly, with few means. If you want, I can send you the script. Just give me your email.

@ mjp : and also you seem to be quick to make an advice so I have something else to tell you here :



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That's great! Did the rest of the community college film making class like it? I hope you got a good grade.
You don't sound sincere : a schoolmade movie ? But I can reassure you, this film is certainly not aimed to people who come on this forum. You just got on my nerves, that's why I told you it has sthg to tell you.
Well, I hope you didn't feel like losing your time while watching it.


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is there a forum flora and fauna for people who come here to pitch a dumb project and then, almost within hours, start insulting the entire forum because one or two people made fun of their work?

i mean, for chrissakes, do you think that marvel studios execs all sit around and lob insults at the comics nerds who will inevitably hate whatever their next comic book movie is? if you're that thin-skinned about people making digs about your project, then stop making it and do something that people won't have an opinion about. and if not, then make your funding pitch and fuck off.
I will

But I want to say I did not insult the entire forum , (!) , and it's sure I can support criticism, that's not a problem. What is a problem is that some people's critic are justified, but their life is not.
I will make this movie, and come back with it, and then will laugh good the last one to laugh.
I want to apologize if I shocked some of you with "pooh" and underline the fact that I did not insult anyone contrary to some of you, quick to make fun, a shitty advice and who are able just to talk, talk and talk, hidden with pride behind their computers.


Art should be its own hammer.
Reaper Crew
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Ah yes! the Righteous Laughter of Kings! I know it well, mon ami. many the foe have been on the receiving end of my cold, steely mirth and rued the day.

but we find the righteous fight and if there be death, so be it, but rest assured it will be a righteous death on this, St. Crispin's Day!

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
steely mirth and rued the day.:)
...but we find the righteous fight and if there be death, so be it, but rest assured it will be a righteous death on this, St. Crispin's Day!
St. Crispin's Day? :abge:
Manuel, je crois que c'est toi qui n'as pas le sens de l'humour.
Tu te présentes ici avec ton projet qui ne nous intéresse pas particuliérement. En 5 ans, on en a vu de toutes les couleurs. Des chanteurs d'opéra, des musiciens de jazz, des acteurs. L'oeuvre de Bukowski ne se résume pas dans quelques scénes idiotes, faisant un focus sur une scéne qu'il a lui-même parfaitement décrite dans son roman.
Si tu te présentes ici avec l'idée de nous intéresser, il te faut d'abord t'identifier honnêtement. Il ne suffit pas de trouver un mec avec une tête 'à la Bukowski' pour faire passer n'importe quoi.
On veut connaître tes vraies raisons pour faire ce film. On veut surtout savoir si tu apprécies son oeuvre.
Pour interpréter qui ou quoi que ce soit, de façon honnête, il faut bien étudier son sujet. Ce site est dédié à son oeuvre, il est donc normal que nous doutions de tes intentions.
De nous chier dessus à la premiére rencontre n'arrange sûrement pas les choses.
Si tu étudies attentivement le site, tu te rendras vite compte que toute l'information ici est exacte, qu'il n'y a rien de gratuit.
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A French guy running through the woods, playing Bukowski, out of beer, screaming, being chased by deer. I would watch that.

On the other hand, a turd falling from some guy's ass should never be put on film. It's just pain wrong.

The miracle here is that Linda gave permission. She must not have seen the end of the POOH clip.

I agree that FACTOTUM was a boring film.
Hi !
@ black swan : you tell that it's me who has not sens of humor BUT I never told some of you have not humor. You lend me words I didn't say... And I don't shit on people, it's a film about a gangster shitting on a politician, and I posted it coz I was angry to mjp.

Concerning "pooh" it's just a lil film I made on my own, in a garage with some friends, so ....
Concerning my ability to produce a film about Buk's wrights, you can go on my (french) website about my lil production company :
i'm not the director of the film, he's Lewis Cuthbert-Ashton, and I can affirm here that he's one of the most talented director of his generation (see Braco, Closed, Baballe origines)

Cya soon


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The question remains, as it always will with these kinds of things; why?

To me, making a short film based on a Bukowski story or poem or a short story or poem by any writer seems only to demonstrate the lack of creativity on the part of most "film makers." That applies to 100 million dollar epics that are part II or part VIII of whatever, or some festering pile of shit based on a Marvel comic book. They are all the same.

When "film makers" are left to their own devices, most of them come up with such imaginative idiocy as shitting on a politician. Oh, my, how controversial! Could you be any more obvious? I don't think people get your point.

A small minority of people working in any medium are actually creative and saying something that hasn't been said a thousand times by people much more talented (or equally untalented). Most of these things foisted onto us just because this is a Bukowski forum fall into the majority, being horribly uncreative and downright awful. There are some, but very few, exceptions. Which is to be expected. It's always great to see those exceptions. Seeing the rest of it is just torture.

But you, as a FILM MAKER, have to deal with people saying what you're doing is crap, whether you already know it deep down inside, or whether you are delusional, as most people seem to be. You are in a public forum and the public is going to comment. Try not to cry into your escargot, or whatever other filthy French slime you're swallowing today.

Black Swan

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Bukowski's persona is generally better known than his work. But sure, the subject (that particular scene in Women) is very funny when you read it in his own words. I think that what bothered me is that the director wanted to picture him as a sad clown. I also noticed the exaggerated gesture in the bit of film that I saw. Right away, I expected a load of shit, and it appeared 'lil' too early.

'lil', I hate this expression. Thingie is second.:wb:

But hey! Good luck! Don't mind me.
@ black swan : thx, and we'll try to make a funny film. In this kind of film, if it's not funny we will be insulted. If it's funny, we will be insulted to, but not by everybody.
By the way, there are two shorts movies I saw about Buk, one is French and is called Dr Nazi, it's quite good and the other, I don't remember the title is with Abel Ferrara and he's good in that film.
On the other hand, a turd falling from some guy's ass should never be put on film. It's just pain wrong. The miracle here is that Linda gave permission. She must not have seen the end of the POOH clip.
I had to laught at the turd reference. Can't stop thinking about Pink Flamingos...."How much is that doggy in the window..."


Usually wrong.
I haven't seen Pink Flamingos. I'll have to add that to my Watch list. Or would I be better off just staying away from it?


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When you clic on the link, it says 'fichier introuvable'.
Huh. When I click on it I just see babies crying, and orphans and widows and lepers and hobos and they are all crying, and they appear to be softly chanting, "Make it stop...make it stop...Manuel Leroueil est Satan! Tuer le cochon...tuer le cochon..." Then there's a grainy, silent clip of Charles Manson laughing, and that's where it stops.

It seems very sad to me, this film. I'll never understand the French.
David will survive but he'll be lost and not know how to respond when the conversation turns to: Babs, Babs. Why isn't the eggman here?
@ mjp (not to all guys here) :
I do not understand the great Buk as you do (maybe it's coz I'm French) but you know what ? I just don't give a fuck
Don't listen to solo, Rekrab, he's just being a party pooper. It's a charming, heartwarming tale of human endeavor and achievement.
I'd like to add it's wonderful


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(maybe it's coz I'm French)
Oh, don't be so hard on yourself. I suspect being French has nothing to do with it.

Your punk rock "I just don't give a fuck" attitude is very refreshing. One hardly ever sees that. And your blazer and beard - they too say, "I don't give a fuck!"

Well, they really say, "I give a fuck a little bit, but not much!" Or, "I wish I didn't give a fuck, but obviously, I do."

In any event, who says that Americans and Frenchmen can't get along! Look at us. We're like brothers.


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I know it'll come up at a party, and I'll draw a blank; I won't know how to react. But first, I have to be invited to a party (rare these days...but I'm not fishing for invitations), and then I have to get over my agoraphobia and actually leave the house and go to the party, and then someone will make a knowing reference to Pink Flamingos and I'll be the only one there who doesn't get it.
Too bad.
It says, your video contains music, to which SME has the rights and therefore I can't watch it in Germany.


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