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Was wondering which one off director/picture you guys enjoy best. Personally I'm a big fan of One-Eyed Jacks (Brando's only directing experiment), though the film was panned by many and went wildly over budget and had all sorts of other issues (casting, clarity etc). That said, I still enjoy the film and think it quite good. I mean, it's not Eddie Murphy and his Harlem Nights offering, right?

You guys know of any other one off director's pictures that you have enjoyed? Or hated? Hell, I'm an equal opportunity kinda fella ;)

Charles Laughton's only turn as a director is a masterpiece.
Yep, Kubrick taken off it (Kubrick is my favourite director) but I like what Brando did. And yes, Karl Malden is awesome in it (I believe he wasn't originally supposed to be cast but Brando brought him in.
Charles Burnett's KILLER OF SHEEP is pretty impressive for a student film. He got to direct a few equally small things, but I'd consider him (at least so far) a one-off.
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Definitely have not heard of that one Hosh, but I'll sure check it out if I can find it. 1981 release I see, the plot sounds great! Do you possibly have a link for KOS?
The "actors" were mostly family and friends, so the performances are varied. The camera-work, and the locations are pretty terrific. But some great Cinéma vérité for a "fictional" film.
Thanks for the recommend Hosh, Killer of Sheep was pretty cool. And yeah, the camera-work and locations are awesome! Pretty good acting since most are family and friends.
Glad you liked it. I saw it in a film class years ago, and was really impressed. I've seen it a couple times since, and it's held for me.

Sidenote: not a great date movie. Learned that the hard way.
We talked about Killer of Sheep in a thread or two around here somewhere. It really captures something, which is more than you can say for most movies these days.
@Hosh haha, yeah could see how Killer of Sheep would not make a great date movie. Lamb chops for dinner for the dinner and a movie?

quite right mjp, has something to it that most movies nowadays seem to lack.
Here's a photo of Mrs Bellucci by Helmut Newton (the guy who also photographed Buk, Faye Dunaway and Mickey Rourke on the set of Barfly):

Monica Bellucci by Helmut Newton.jpg

Hey, stop drooling!
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Then there's the fashion designer Tom Ford. He made a fortune for Gucci and Yves St. Laurent, then spent a chunk of his own money to make "A Single Man", adapted from a Christoper Isherwood novel. He not only directed but co-adapted the screenplay. It got generally good reviews and Colin Firth was nominated for an Oscar. As far as I know he hasn't directed since. Maybe it was a "get-this-off-my-chest" type of project that the wealthy can pursue. If so, I'm glad he did. It was a terrific performance by Firth.

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