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Hi folks. I might be writing a paper on Bukowski in the near future in regards to Don Pleasants' accusing Bukowski of being an anti-Semite and such. Some material from Buk that I would like to use for that as well as for a paper that I'm writing right now is Buk's tale of being rejected by the military and then watching the soldiers roll by in their Jeeps. I have a feeling that this is from Ham on Rye but I don't have the time to check through all my Buk material if I'm wrong. Can any of you give me some help?
Wow you must be really busy!!
so busy that you don't have time to research the paper your writing-but not so busy to write this request and such.
The information I'm asking about is more pertinent to the later essay, although it could help me with the essay that I am writing now. I'm just not sure how to search for the Buk material effeciently without knowing a quote from the poem/story in question.
I don't think he was drafted at all in 'Ham'. The book end with Pearl Harbor, doesn't it?

If in any novel, it was in 'factotum' - or one of the stories, most likely to be the 'Erections...' ones. Or a poem like 'WWII', but I truly can't remember.

Anyways, I'm not sure what to prove with this incident re the Nazi-claim. There would be far more important texts. Some of which ARE in 'Ham'.

"WWII" is the poem you're looking for. The story is there. B also says interesting things about this topic in the Pivana interview.
There's also a story in Septuagenarian Stew about a bum who's taunted by a truckload of army guys. Good luck with that paper there buddy
Thought I'd throw this in for the hell of it ... it's not the story you're looking for, but "Doing Time With Public Enemy #1" from "Erections, Ejaculations ..." also talks about Buk being interviewed by a psychologist and rejected by the army.

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