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There is no doubt in my mind that Charles Bukowski was an extremely talented writer. The fact that people feel the need to question his talent only further portrays his unmatched ability to grasp the reader's attention, causing them toread and read till they feel he has proven his worth. Think about it: his novels and poems are readably, not to mention simple yet effective. Imagination is to the fore in his sentences, and his stories, short or long keep any one reader fixed upon his work. Why, otherwise, are there so manypeople besotted with him?!
My first time....

When I first picked up a Buk book, I couldnt stop. It was Play the piano drunk until the fingers begin to bleed a bit. I dont have a copy now but I still remember who loaned it to me. I lived in Dover,de. My friend Jeff Shiels had it. I couldnt put it down. Ive sinxe continued to read with the same voracity. I gain a little bit of knowledge each time I pick one up.
See, I really dislike to be outside in the cold pouring rain. I could spend days, weeks, months and years in the cold rain, but I would 1. be a total idiot to do so, 2. become seriously ill and probably die and 3. find no worth in it.

You know, it's only a suggestion, but don't people who like Bukowski read Bukowski and continue reading him, unregarded by what questionable critics say?
I lived in Dover,de. My friend Jeff Shiels had it.

Please don't tell me that there were three Buk readers in Dover. My heart can't take it.

Is that Jeff Shiels from Dover's class of '92?

Dover is a small town filled to the gills with people who do NOT read literature.


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