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Me and a few pals were drinking over the holidays asking ourselves what would be the Mt Rushmore of items on this list. Example which is cooler to own, a Hendrix guitar pick or one of the placards from the Subterranean Homesick Blues video?
I said Keiths skull ring would have to up there.
It's not a money thing it's a cool thing.


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one of the placards from the Subterranean Homesick Blues...
Considering that Lennon's 1969 bed-in "BED PEACE" sign sold for more than $150,000 5 or 6 years ago, something tells me no one here is going to get their hands on a Dylan Subterranean cue card any time soon (if they still exist). Though I don't think Dylan lettered those himself, so they're probably not as valuable as the signs Lennon drew.


The most valuable things that aren't instruments are probably hand written lyrics from any of the 60s or 70s types. Original versions of those things sell for ridiculous amounts of money.

The problem with this question is the "isn't an instruments" caveat. Outside of the instruments, none of this stuff is that interesting. Owning Kurt Cobain's Cuisinart or Muddy Waters crescent wrench - who cares? I can go to the rock and roll hall of fame if I want to gawk at that garage sale crap.

I mean, I know people care. They buy that stuff. I should say I don't care.

But if you have one of Jimi's wah pedals I'll give you $500 for it. ;)
The question wasn't about money it was about cool-what would be the coolest thing for you personally to own. For each it may be different and thats OK. I have a cig butt from Ronnie Wood when he played with Bo Diddley that he kicked out from the stage-it almost hit me in the eye when I caught it. I mounted that on the poster when I was 24 and still have it-stupid-maybe but I think it cool-my girlfriend has a pick Bob Geldolf gave get-she thinks thats cooler. Neither have value other than giving us a friends something to talk about while drinking. I would like that HAIR PEACE sign though! I wonder if its still in Canada?

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