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betting on the muse-signed? (1 Viewer)

the signature is on a bound-in page - black sparrow had a backstock of signed pages that they used for the special editions of betting and living on luck (1995). it's legit; 200 for a buy-it-now price is a good price, but not amazing. if i had $200 right now, i'd buy it.
sorry for bringing this up then. I didn't know. If I had 200 I'd buy it too. But I can;t even remember the last time I had a spare 200. I can't remember the last time I had a spare 50. I'm suprised I haven't heard about that before(the inbound page). Pretty cool. Once again sorry.
hey no need to apologize- it does seem weird and counter-intuitive. some people actually prefer signed buk books that aren't the numbered/limited edition copies, since buk actually held those and wrote a signature in them... instead of sitting at his kitchen table signing a stack of papers that would then be sent to the binder to be bound in.
Where does it say Buy It Now for $200? I can't seem to find it...

Btw, I like this here description of the book, The Movie:Barfly, currently on Ebay:

"Another Bukowski gem!!!The Movie Barfly printed in 1984 by his friends
Lpu and Jon Webb of the Black Sparrow Press..." :D
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"Buy It Now" goes away once a bid is placed.

$200 is not a bad price since that was the price for it when it was first issued.
"Buy It Now" goes away once a bid is placed.

$200 is not a bad price since that was the price for it when it was first issued.

I see! Right now the highest bid is $26, so the $200 is now a hidden reserve or what?
No, the "buy it now" just disappears and has no bearing on the price or the reserve (if there is one). They are not related. All it means is the $0.25 he spent on the "buy it now" option was wasted. ;)
If you're going to have a BIN, wouldn't you also spring for a reserve somewhere near that? That way, you avoid someone winning this for $26 after killing the BIN feature.

I dunno; I'm not very good at selling stuff.
if i bother with a BIN, i always make it fairly close to my opening bid. i never do reserves, since they discourage people from bidding. if you start an auction at $1 with a BIN of $200, of course someone will bid $1, even just to kill the BIN so someone else doesn't get it - this is especially true if you prefer to use a sniping service.

i've sold a lot of stuff on BIN for more than i thought i'd get bidding, so it's not usually a big waste.
I don't think it's a waste either if you do it right. I use BIN all the time. But I think our friend here didn't do it right.
If I use BIN, I usually make it for a little bit more than I expect to get at auction figuring if it's still reasonable, and someone really wants it, they'll grab it.
I do reserves to avoid giving away a really rare and valuable item for peanuts when no one much is interested at that moment. If there's one bidder who really wants it bad, he'll bid til he finds the reserve. If no one else wants it that bad and there's no reserve, he'll just outbid everyone else and not get anywhere near what my reserve would have been. The reserve has worked well for me, although it does scare off some potential buyers.

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