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Seen the documentary Born Into This on t.v. There was a poem on the screen which said "beware the average man" or something similar. Would you have the words to this?
The poem is "Genius of the Crowd". Pick up a copy of "Run with The Hunted". It is in there. You can find this book at most big bookstores. Plus, it is a great primer for those just starting reading Bukowski.

You can also find The Genius of the Crowd in The Roominghouse Madrigals: Early Selected Poems 1946-1966. (BSP 1988).


The Average Man
The Average Woman
BEWARE Their Love

Genious of the Crowd (video link)

I found this reading to be really interesting also, and here is a link to some video/audio. Lots of other really cool Bukowski material can be found [on] also.

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