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"CHARLES BUKOWSKI" - In Time with Butterflies - 2003
Original Art Piece RARE Item Here, Only 1 Has Been Made

ugh. I wonder if this artist ever read Bukowski? Still, we have to be happy that they did not make a sculpture out of shit, vomit and beer bottles....

Also, if the piece is one of a kind, doesn't a serial number seem odd? If there is no series then why a serial number? Did DaVinci put a serial number on the back of the Mona Lisa? It seems that there would be little to No chance of exactly recreating this piece, so what series are they talking about?
i had never heard of it until i got serious about collecting art and acquired a bunch of pieces from los angeles-based artist carol es. all of her work is numbered sequentially on the back - so the series is her entire oeuvre.
That makes sense, Jordan. I was thinking serial number 1/1 on this piece, which seems unnecessary on a unique piece.

Still, the Bukowski clock is stinky....

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