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So as most of you know, or many of you for that matter, the lead singer of STP is dead, wasn't that a big shock to me, knowing the way Scott was, i really like the band when i first heard them in the middle 90's didn't hook me up that hard as many other bands did at that time, but hey! they were good, i got the first three albums which were cornerstones of the self called "grunge", too bad i couldn't catch em live, so long and RIP to "one of those bands that marked your adolescence!", any fans out here?
I always found STP to be a ripoff of whatever was popular at the time. A bit of a poseur band, IMHO. They had one album (their first or second) that I could pick out who they ripped off in each song. This one is a Nirvana ripoff, this one a Pearl Jam Ripoff, this an Alice in Chains Ripoff, this a Soundgarden Ripoff. They always tried too hard to be whatever they thought would sell in the days of grunge. Maybe that was the record label trying to hard and the producers making the sound familiar in the hopes of making them UUUge...

I even think that he picked up a heroin habit to be more authentic. Even that was not genuine. Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain were great on heroin, maybe it would work for him too....

I always found them to be the Monkeys of the Grunge era.


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