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Nice! Planning to frame it?

Who is cohenyislander? He's been selling Bukowski stuff on ebay for years but I don't think that I've ever dealt with him. Is he a member here?
Congrats, mjp! That's an unusual pic of Buk, holding a doll in one hand and a beer in the other. Commented upon and signed by Linda King too. Not bad at all...
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cohenislander is Sore Dove Press (Soheyl Dahi). A good guy, really.

You also got the hobo shot with the spilled beer, right?

Now to try to get permission to publish those in limited edition photographs....

That would be cool.

and can you poast a copy of the hobo picture with the spilled beer so i know what he's talking about.


I actually like this one better (it's a more artistic composition, and I've never seen the picture before), but I don't get to see it in real life until next week, so I don't really know how it compares to the other one yet.

He also sold this one off-line, and there's yet another different one up right now.

And chronic, I'll be framing one for sure, just haven't decided which yet. Well, I'll probably frame both, but they are pretty big so I only have room to hang one of them.
WOW - The hobo pic is great! I have'nt seen it before. The LA Anthology pic is in Neeli's Buk bio, but with the couple with the baby cut off...
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Do you know if these are digital prints from an inkjet printer or actual darkroom prints created from a negative?

I don't see anything mentioned in the listing...
They seem to be silver gellatin. Sove Dove Press does not half-do anything. They take great care to make sure that they are not passing off inferior product.

That is my guess, though..

Just curious bc 13x19 is a common size for digital paper (as opposed to 16x20 traditional photo paper).

Some large format inkjet photo printers produce excellent quality archival prints, but I'd still want to know if it's digital.

The ebay listing was in the "Books" section. When it's in the "Photography" section, there's an option to designate whether it's digital or not.

I've purchased from this seller before, so I'm not trying to say anything dubious... It's just my curiosity.

Looking at the pic of the full print in this listing:


I'd guess that this is digital.

Still, I think that $150-$200 is a fair price for these prints.

I think that if they were printed in a darkroom directly from the negative, this would be an outstanding deal.

Either way, it's a great image (especially with the signatures and inscriptions).
Well, I assumed they were from the negative based on the language in the auction, but now I'm not sure, so I asked the seller. I should know soon.

My initial impression when I pulled it out of the tube was that it was a print from the negative, so if they are digital, they're pretty good quality. To the naked eye they look like they came from a darkroom. I won't take a loupe to it, I'll wait for the answer from the seller.

But what saywhat says about the paper sizes makes sense, so perhaps they are digital.


From the seller, "They are not digital. They were made from the negatives of Sam Cherry. This is the information I have from Neeli Cherkovski."
the hobo-pic is ubercool!
I wish I had the chance to get this one!
Now, I made a rush to catch the last remaining offer. hehe.
Nice grab. You won't be disappointed with the quality.

And that was the last one. He had mentioned that he might sell others in the future, but he just told me that he's going to hold off for now. Either way, it's a very small set, so you got something unique.
Oh, shit, the "hobo" photo came in the mail today - this thing is beautiful! Everyone is invited over to see it.

My hat's off to Sally Larsen who did the prints.


It's way too big for my scanner but I'll try to get a pic.
anyone have a copy of him hanging onto the train cab?
That was a Sam Cherry shot too, and it looks like it could have been taken the same day. A railroad yard would be a good place to find a disintegrating shack like the one he's sitting in in this pic.

Come to think of it, the "shack" could also be an old boxcar...
I'll bet Sam Cherry has a lot of cool old pictures that we haven't seen. And Montfort must have literally thousands of shots that never made it further than a proof sheet...

I have 3 cats myself.

Perhaps Montfort would be willing to part with some Buk negatives for some cold, hard cash?
Photographers don't typically sell their negatives. In fact, Brett Weston burned his negatives late in his life to prevent anyone from re-printing from them after he died. That's an extreme example, but there you go.

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