Big Sopping Wet Dripping-Ass Towel (1 Viewer)

I finished reading Hollywood a few days ago and I cannot stop thinking about chapter 19, when Henry and Jon visit Jack at his apartment. Henry takes a piss and when he goes to wash his hands he notices the big wet white towel stuffed into the drain and hanging over the sink and onto the floor. Henry eventually asks Jack "Hey man, what the fuck is that big sopping wet dripping-ass towel doing hanging out of your bathroom sink?" and Jack replies "What big sopping wet dripping-ass towel?"

I'm not sure what to think of it. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Did Jack put it there just to fuck with him? Is it some weird ass metaphor? What do you guys think?
Thanks but I was hoping for a thought out explanation or opinion. I do not see how the towel can symbolize the theme of the novel, it stands out from the rest of the book. Maybe if you would be so kind to explain to me how the towel and Jack's response interprets everything my question would be answered. Please it's just nagging at my brain. Anyone?

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