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actually, I think that after reading all the ones I could get my hands on, they all have some appeal. Any Bukowski freak will read anything about him, even the shitty internet articles that Bukowski Haters bombard these forums with.

Locked In The Arms Of A Crazy Life
Bukowski In Pictures
Charles Bukowski by Barry Miles
Bukowski: A Sure Bet

all good ones. some I didnt list either.
Any of the French speakers read Bukowski ou les Contes de la Violence Ordinaire
by Alexandre Thiltges? It came out in 2007.

I've only seen a preview on Google books- looks like half bio, half lit crit.
I just cannot imagine reading about Bukowski in French. Although Ponder had a book with stories inspired by Bukowski that was somewhat good, but again the original language carries so much weight that gets lost in translation.

Although I preferred reading Céline translated in English by
Ralph Manheim since the old French jargon had me struggling too much.
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Yep! that is the one.
I only skipped through it and thought that some of the stories were not bad .
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Pessimist: Yes, I have read Thiltges and it is excellent. The most intelligent thing on Bukowski's writing that I've read.
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