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Can anyone recall (and possibly provide a page/edition reference?) to a mention of a Bisset Automatic Dart Scorer in one of Bukowski's works?

I think it might be Factotum, but only have a copy of ham and rye, which I can't find it in (but may have missed it). I think it appears as he watches someone cheating using it in a bar.

Any help much appreciated!
I don't recall ever having read anything relating to dart in Buk's books.
Why do you ask? What's your interest in Bisset Automatic Dart Scorer?
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Sorry, but I think you have your authors mixed up.

There aren't many references to darts in Bukowski's books, no references to 'Bisset' and no references to something called a 'scorer'.
Hank Solo - freakin' me out. Who?

Bukfan... Family history related. The dart scorer was patented by great grandfather, so a reference in literature is just of casual interest. Came up in conversation with someone who is generally scarily good when it comes to remembering weird things from pop cult...
I see! I'm not sure what a dart scorer is though. How does it work and what does it look like?
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