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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
No Bukowski poems in this one, but definitely some notable Bukowski-related things from young Neeli's first attempt at publishing a little:

A Bukowski Drawing and announcement for a new Bukowski "broadsheet" that appears to have never happened. It looks like Neeli hand-wrote "Contemplation" after the pages were printed as the ink matches his signature on his poem. Very doubtful that Bukowski would use the word "Contemplation."

A couple of excepts from Bukowski letters, including the infamous night he an Neeli first met. Jory Sherman introduced the two and there is an ad for KFMW were Sherman was DJing at the time and hanging out at the family bookstore. Probably the most interesting thing in "The Beast and the Bastard," which Sherman swore was about Bukowski and not him, even though 90 percent of it is about him.

Also included is a mention of Run with the Hunted,a Poem from Carl Larsen, and an advertisement for Cherry's Book Store & Art Gallery. I've included the masthead page as well because it helps provide a little context for Neeli. He was so professional here: Too bad he wasn't this professional when Humping Guns was getting published.

Colorful author? :D

Did Jory Sherman connect Bukowski with the Cherrys, father and son? Never knew this, interesting.

Great find!
According to Jory in his book, he introduced Neeli to Buk. It's the whole scene where Buk shows up at the Cherrys while Neeli is sleeping. Neeli wakes up, reads a poem about Buk to Buk, then Buk throws it in the fire and Neeli scrambles to save it. Buk goes to his room and apologizes at the end of the night.

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