Black Lung: Small Literary Journal Based in L.A and S.F (1 Viewer)

Hello folks. My name is Berlin and I am one of the two editors of the underground literary journal Black Lung. Always looking for new talent.

Submissions: We accept Poetry/Prose/Art. Please send submissions to [email protected] (nothing too long please). If you would like to design a cover just send it to the same email. We are currently looking for more artists to exhibit so send your shit! Read a copy to get a feel for what we dig.

Mostly free, sometimes we ask for donations though.
Hello Berlin. Is it a journal that would accept another language than english?
I have several short stories and poems in german that I would send to you, if it is the case.
The computer I'm at is breaking down at myspace, so I couldn't read everything there. Thank you for your post even if it isn't a multilanguage journal. I'm wondering about that because of your name Berlin Frederico.
And Black Lung is a cool title, cough! cough! :cool:

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