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Black Sparrow Bukowski Shirt (XL) (1 Viewer)

Hi, Folks!!

I haven't been here in a few years. I just thought I'd post this here instead of eBay (or at least post it here first).

I was cleaning out a drawer today and happened upon this shirt. I'm certain Red, Bukowski's good friend and the bookseller from whom I got all of my Bukowski first editions, gave me this shirt decades ago. It's never been worn. Why? It's an extra large. I wear a small. Anyway, I guess I stuck the shirt in a drawer and forgot about it.

It's a Black Sparrow Press Bukowski shirt with an R. Crumb illustration on the front. This is the real deal. I've probably had it since the late 1980's. I'd completely forgotten about it. And it's still too big for me.

Is anyone interested in it? If not, I'll just put it on eBay. Thanks!

You can PM me.


Dammit, I've been looking for such a find. XL is good with me. Thanks for posting here first Cinelliblack, post here again if you come across any other such things.

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