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lothario speedwagon
does anyone know where i can find catalogs of black sparrow from the later years? i wish there was something the equivalent of morrow and cooney for the years after 1978, but i haven't found anything. i just bought a bunch of them from the 80's on ebay, but i'm looking for stuff even later than that.
If you're looking for all the Black Sparrow authors, I don't know of anything after that "first 300 publications" bibliography that Black Sparrow published, but if there is such a thing, someone here will know.

If it's just Bukowski you're after, of course the Krumhansl bibliography is the way to go. And thanks to and Aaron, it will soon be updated with an addendum. You'll still want to pick up the original. It's an unparalleled goldmine of info about Bukowski's "A" publications, and Black Sparrow variations.

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