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Black sparrow graphic arts books for sale (1 Viewer)




I have 1 copy each of 'the captain is out to lunch...' and 'heat wave' that I'm looking to sell as I'm moving house.

Both are mint, limited to 175 copies. Plenty is written about these online, so I won't go into that here as I'm typing on my phone!

I'll be taking photos later today and will upload tomorrow.

If you're interested, please get in touch at jonnyrock1975(at)googlemail(dot)com

a buyer in the uk would be preferable as due to the size the postage overseas would be expensive.

I've looked on abebooks and they're both roughly $1200 for mint copies (there are cheaper versions of heatwave available, but they lack the plexiglass slipcase that's still beautifully intact in mine)

$1200 is about £740 but I'm willing to let mine go at what I paid for them some years ago, which is £600 each (plus shipping).

If you're interested, please get in touch. I'll give it a couple of weeks before I put them on eBay if noone is as I don't know how frequented this site is.

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Thanks, Bill! - I thought they were large prints for framing like the ebay guy had for sale. My mistake!

Are all 5 Crumb drawings inside the book really signed individually? I thought Crumb just signed the book once, just like Buk, and that the signature on the drawings were actually part of the print and not original signatures.
There's 5 prints throughout the book, all signed by crumb. It really is quite something. Alas I need the cash...
i would love to own the book - LOVE - but i don't have $1000 right now... post again if you haven't sold it in 6 months!
Strangely all the prints are signed by Crumb in pencil.

Was this a habit of his?

Beautiful books, by the way. Good luck selling them Jonnyrock. You should be asking more for them but it's tough out there at the moment.
Strangely all the prints are signed by Crumb in pencil.

That really is strange. Signing the book together with Bukowski on the colophon page is usually the standard thing to do. It's the first time I hear of an artist signing all his prints in a book. So I guess there's 6 Crumb signatures in the book - 5 on the prints and 1 on the colophon page. Not bad at all! I wish I could afford to buy the book.
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Printed in 97, there is no Buk signiture. Crumb signs the 5 prints in pencil and not the limitation page at all; that just has a number.

Not to rub it in but... the feel and look of both the slipcase and cloth covered boards, the art, the dimensions, the writing... make this one of my all time favourite books.

Oh, and it smells pretty nice too.
It's much better than heatwave :)

Better art, more practical layout nicer production etc, etc.

But as you are selling both, they are both clearly must-have items.

Buy, buy buy!

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