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Black Sparrow Press biblio - Lettered edition (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
I'm winding down my big purge, and this is the last big ticket item that I'm going to sell for now (I think). Not sure how much people here are into the House that Martin Built these days, but here you go anyway.
That's funny, I was going to put up a copy of that book today but decided to wait. It's just a regular trade copy, but the coincidence is something.
i really have no idea what someone will pay for this - you can get the numbered one for pretty cheap on abe, but this one is pretty difficult to find, so i thought a BSP collector might want to splurge for it. justine bought it for me as a birthday present in 2008, but she said she wouldn't be offended if i sold it, so out it goes.

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