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Black Sparrow Press Hardcovers (1 Viewer)


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I know some of you may frown upon threads like these, but I don't know where else to do. I can't find much on abebooks.com black sparrow hardcover wise, so, this thread was born!

Now, any of you guys out there that are looking to get rid of any of your black sparrow hardcovers, for whatever reasons you may have, BRING THEM HERE BEFORE YOU LIST THEM ON EBAY. If you would be so kind. :)

I'm really trying to build up my Black Sparrow Hardcover collection and can't really find much on the net.

So, here's what I've got so far.

Ham On Rye
Bone Palace Ballet
The Night Torn Mad...


Use this thread as a catalyst for any hardcover sales you may be looking to make.

Got it?
Man, you have to get in the habit of checking eBay every week or so. There have been a lot of affordable hardcovers in the past couple months.
Nobody else have anything they're willing to part with?

I got my 2nd printing hardcover of Women in the mail today from Bill.
It's absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much, Bill.

I'm bidding on a hardcover of Mockingbird too. Hopefully I'll get it.

And, I'm waiting on Burning from Cirerita.

Can't wait to add these pieces to the archives.


send them this way, PLZ!

If you wanna sell it, I'm sure I'm crazy enough to buy it.
i was at a used bookstore this weekend in chicago, and they had some BSP hardcovers there that they may sell you if you call them (they're not on abebooks to my knowledge). worth a shot. they sold these books when they were new from black sparrow, so you can imagine that they'd been on the shelf a while, and not all of them were in new condition- the bonus is that they haven't jacked up the price at all, so all the books are under $30.

from memory, here's what they had:
dangling in the tournefortia
roominghouse madrigals (sun-faded to spine label and top of book)
what matters most
bone palace ballet
septuagenarian stew
screams from the balcony
maybe more...those are the only ones i remember off the top of my head.

here's the hard part- i can't remember the name of the store (the sign out front just said "used books").... it's on clark in wrigleyville, just north of sheffield. might be worth tracking down if you want reasonably priced, although dusty, bsp hardcover trade ed. of any of those books.
About 17 years ago, in New Orleans, I picked up a hardcover Post Office (1971) marked "Discard, Jefferson Parish Library". It was at a thrift shop for $6.50. Some water damage tho, and a few typos that were cleaned up in later editions.

Am not quite ready to part with it, but I'll post here before I list it on eBay.

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