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I can't translate it but I do see there's an article listed by Neil Gordon titled Purity and Survival: John Martin and Black Sparrow Press. I'm intrigued.
The occasion was an exhibition in the university library of Amsterdam of the Black Sparrow catalog. One of the stories is the bio of a guy who was the sole importer for BS books.
seems it isn't worth the effort anyways.

But here's another question to you - slightly off-topic though:

Would you find it appropriate to post the article by You and Him (our Ponder of course that is) from the yearbook here in public right at the 1st anniversary of his' Leaving us? Or not?
Would it kind of honor him? Or not?
I really ain't sure. YOU knew him best! You decide!
It is a nice thought, Roni!
I can also look for the pdf of Buk Scene in my computer. I am not sure how to retrieve it but I'll give it a try. :)

I have it on a key. Can you yell me how to put it here on the site? Maybe it is too heavy.
In my computer I also found the Buk Scene pdf plus the hundreds of msn messages, ended up devastated...
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