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Maybe some of you know 'Nick Cave and the bad seeds' or even 'Einstuerzende Neubauten'.
If so, you'll also know Blixa Bargeld.

I just discovered, he's done a series of commercials, which could also be fun to watch when you're Not familiar with German language.
What's going on is: he simply reads from the adds of a DIY-store (well known in Germany), but not in the regular advertiser's voice.
It more sounds like a modern poem, angry or sad or dull or just 'modern'.
So, if you're a fan of Nick Cave's band or/and the 'Neubauten', or just bored and have some time, go to:

[This video is unavailable.]

(there are even more, but I prefer these.)

Blixa rocks. I saw him twice with Nick Cave and once with EN. I wish that I spoke German (But listeninig to EN always did that for me!)

Yippie yippie ja ja - yippie yippie yae yae...LOL :D
That's some funny commercials...
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