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Block, an unpublished story (1 Viewer)

zoom man

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Can anyone lend a good guy a few bucks :rolleyes:

I just 'asked the seller' a question,
And was surprised to see that he sent me the answer privately, and didn't make it public.
I'm sure it's legit,
I think,
Anyone know this seller?
(And personally, when I get a quest I always post it 'for all to see'. Why wouldn't he?!, I thought posting questions and replies only increased the interest...)
Price is steep. But considering that the ratio of poem to short story manuscripts is probably 30:1, and you don't see many short story manuscripts on the market, and it's unpublished, it's definitely a great acquisition for someone with the dough to spare.
Yes, I know this seller. I don't think you need to read anything in to the non-public response to your email...

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