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Can anyone tell me if Notes on a Bluebird Flying Past My Window, Bluebird from Purr No. 1 - 1975, and Goodbye, Goodbye, Clipped-Winged Bluebird are all the same poem or if they are different ones?

Specifically, I am interested in when the poem "Bluebird" was first published and where.

Thanks everyone!


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though they may have been written before their publication dates, of course. I don't know whether they're different or not, I should check my files, but I'm too tired now.
then you have "the bluebird" poem, printed also as a broadside.
Thank you for your quick response and please feel free to post later when you have time.

I suspect that Bluebird from Purr No. 1 and "The Bluebird" in Last Night of the Earth Poems (1992) might be one and the same. I am trying to find out when The Bluebird contained in Last Night of the Earth Poems was first published. I know that it was published as a broadside in 1991 for a San Francisco book event. But, I wonder if it was published much, much earlier than that, i.e. if it was actually published for the first time in 1975 as Bluebird from Purr No. 1.

If you, or anyone else knows the answer, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again!

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