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This was probably written in 1975 or early 1976, so chances are B. was "listening to" Blood on the Tracks...

I check in poem database and looks like it was published only in this journal. I don't know why but i have strange feeling that i read it before for sure. Maybe it was another poem about Dylan? Or about two young people? Who knows...
Seems I've read that in one of the collections, but it goes on more, finally ending with a line something like "but right now it's Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan, all the way" or something like that. Maybe I'm thinking of a different poem though.
I agree - remember the same ending....
There's also a poem where he mentions both Hitler & Dylan, isn't there?:D
Its a different poem, with the same theme and setting. Here's an excerpt

trench warfare from 'Love is a Dog from Hell'.

sick with the flu
drinking beer
my radio on loud
enough to overcome
the sounds of the
stereo people who
have just moved
into the court
across the way.
asleep or awake
they play their
set at top volume
leaving their
doors and windows


someday they'll
each be dead
someday they'll
each have a
separate coffin
and it will be

but right now
it's Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Bob
Dylan all the
Didn't know Bukowski ever mentioned him.

He did, though I'm not sure how much he did in his work.
It's in letters and interviews. Most of the time (as I seem to remember) he was using him in lists of "hip" poets in the 60s. (Like Ginsberg etc.) But I could be wrong as hell with that. Let the experts talk.

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