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Also a 2 CD set of 1962 - 64 demos.

If you swing that way.
Thanks, mjp! - I'll definitely buy the 2-CD set, since I've got all the other albums in the Bootleg Series.
It would be nice to have the 8-CD Mono Recordings too. Too bad, they don't sell the CD's individually.
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If you pre-order the mono box on Amazon they are including a previously unheard 1963 live show: is very excited to offer an extremely rare and newly discovered Bob Dylan live concert CD to all customers who pre-order The Original Mono Recordings on CD or vinyl.

Bob Dylan: In Concert, Brandeis University, 1963 has never been heard, bootlegged or circulated in any way. It was taped on May 10th, 1963, at Brandeis University's first annual folk festival.

This offer is limited to pre-orders only and will not be available after 10/18/2010.
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Wow! Now I'm getting tempted. It would be interesting to hear such an early never released concert.

It looks like they're also releasing a CD with, "The Best Of The Original Mono Recordings":

And if you pre-order the 2-CD set, The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9), you'll also get the Brandeis Concert as a free gift!
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Great! I pre-ordered the 2-CD set version. I'm looking forward to getting it, together with the Brandeis Concert...
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Ugggggh, I pre-ordered the vinyl set, since it was only 36 bucks more than the cd set on amazon, and I swore the release date of the vinyl set was like 2 weeks after October 19th! Now it says the release date is December 7th.

Anyone else notice a date change? Or anyone else order vinyl? I don't know, maybe I'm going crazy, but as long as it gets here by xmas, well then, it's a gift to myself!

God I wish they would have done this with the latest Beatles mono set, release them on vinyl that is.
I also preordered the mono vinyl box thinking it will be released on the same day as the other boxes.

But nooooo, the mono vinyl box will probably arrive just before christmas. Its only the cd version thats available on the 19th of october. says 21st of December.

But then again, who knows, I recieved the witmark demos vinyl box the 14th of October - almost a week before official release date.

I have two of these, so if anyone wants one (fer free), send me a PM. For my U.S. friends only please. I'm not rich enough to send it anywhere else. One per customer, one customer only.

I was surprised by how good this is. From Dylan's I-still-have-a-sense-of-humor period. I suspect they didn't make it an official release because it's incomplete. But it's still a tasty little nugget.
Since I'm not a huge fan of Amazon, I decided to buy the mono box from Dylan's site. They had a deal for the 8 CD box plus the Witmark demos which also included a vintage-style Columbia Records Dylan poster and a T-shirt. The price wasn't bad, and the poster is cool enough, but I'd really like to get my hands on the Brandeis CD. I suspect it's a bit like the 1964 All Hallows Eve show that ended up on one of the Bootleg Series releases.

Are these available anywhere?
Roger Ford: Is it true that originally, the mono and stereo mixes would have been done by different engineers?

Mark Wilder (mastering engineer for the Dylan Mono Box Set project): True, for the most part. Without having the studio logs in front of me I can’t say for sure, but standard practice during this period of time was that the producer sat in with the mixer of their choice, and they mixed the mono record. And then that three track, or four-track would go to a night engineer or an engineer who didn’t have that much to do the next day, and they’d be told “OK, you have a day, mix this album in stereo.” So you often have someone doing the stereo who wasn’t as involved in the process as those doing the mono. So that’s why you have these great differences in feel, in everything, in stereo.

Steve Berkowitz (reissue producer for the Dylan Mono Box Set project): When we did the SACD for “Blonde On Blonde” [...] Al Kooper and Robbie Robertson sat in my office and I said “So what do you think? Is it all right?” And they approved it, and then just by chance Bob Johnston was in the building, and I said, “Let me ask you this question: how come, in ‘Just Like a Woman,’ the acoustic guitar in the second verse is to the left of center?” And Johnston goes “Shit man, I don’t know. We mixed that mono probably for three or four days, then I said ‘Oh shit, man, we gotta do stereo.’ So me and a coupla guys put our hands on the board, we mixed that son of a bitch in about four hours! I musta just done it with the knob to the left of center, man, I don’t know why!” So my point is, it took a long time to do the mono, and then it was, “Oh, yeah, we gotta do stereo.”
So my point is, it took a long time to do the mono, and then it was, “Oh, yeah, we gotta do stereo.”
For the first four Dylan albums, mono makes complete sense. There's absolutely no need for stereo. But after that, I prefer the sound of each instrument and mixing them in my head. They may have spent ~300x more time on the mono, but for what? A focused sound for AM radio? These days, mono and stereo are both viable formats, but in a band situation (for Dylan, Bringing it... onwards) there are major differences in many cases. For a band situation, my preference is 99% of the time for stereo. And not so much for the separation, but for the distinction among instruments. I mentioned While My Guitar Gently Weeps a while back (2009 CD reissues). The instruments on the mono version are a mish-mash of incomprehensible warblings from a dumpster on Pluto while the stereo version presents every instrument clearly. It's no contest at all. Stereo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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