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Voters can only pick one for each category, so I expect the more commonly available volumes receive more than their fair share of votes. Maybe.
Currently there are just over 2,400 votes. Normally in a survey, more data = better representation, but in this case, I would argue that the results were more representative after 200-300 votes. Now we have volumes in there that came out after the survey started and we have had more chance for more voters who may not have read all the books to influence the results.
People like to click on things and watch numbers change. That' the only reason it's really there.

But I think it shows what the average person thinks, rather than the hard core Bukowski fan, which is valuable information, you know, if we were in a war or something. Knowing what the other side is thinking. Like that.

But it's not important anyway, the way things like Facebook or NASCAR are.

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