Book review Mockingbird Wish Me Luck on youtube (1 Viewer)

That's VERY alright.
Haven't read the comments by now. But the review is really fine.
Am goin' to look for other stuff of that cat.
Book review Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

That's VERY alright. But the review is really fine

I laughed. Read it again, "lonliness"---awful background music.
Is this the future of book reviews? I truly hope not.
On the other hand...21 comments in 1 week is certainly good Bukowski PR.

I watched it again. I guess it's a modern way to reach new, YOUNG Bukowski readers. They're addicted to moving pictures.

Here is another one for Bukowski poetry beginners:
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I laughed. [...] awful background music.Is this the future of book reviews? I truly hope not.

I've heared MUCH WORSE music accompaning Bukowski - by professionals.

This kid may not be perfect, but I really like this style of 'review'.
He seems to understand what's in the poems.

He's not just a "Bukowski is a big boozer and fucker"-reviewer. And there are so many of them. It sounds like he really understood something.

And I like, that he just showed the words - he didn't show himself.
I must admit: I would have showed myself. I'm selfish. And that's not a good attitude.
I wouldn't add any music, professionals or amateurs, doesn't matter.

If you write a poetry book review I suppose you do understand or feel the poems, even if you don't like them.

I don't compare this youtube person with anyone, why should I?

That he don't show himself is totally natural to me. It's about the words, only.

Is it selfish to show yourself in a short video like this? I'd call it idle, not selfish.
Nice initiative. Judging from the comments, Buk is about to get a few more readers.
Thanks, Ponder...
The continuing embracing of Bukowsli can never change HIS word or HIS intent, but it CAN change how he is perceived or interpreted. As the braniacs-without-a-clue get hold of him, smelling thesis and dissertation fodder, much will get bent and twisted and exhibited as "truth"...the irresistable romanticism disarming our hero altogether...and so he'll lay, castrated with Hemmingway and other dead pop stars who were not around to defend themselves.

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