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I've recently started a new factory job at a book suppliers, the factory supplies the high steet bookstores and also caters for orders made via amazon and for my local area. I've had to pick numerous orders for 'Ham on Rye' and 'Factotum', does anyone know roughly how many units are shifted for these two books annually?

Gerard K H Love

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RJ, WHatever you do when you pick those orders-ECCO or whatever- do not bump the corners or mar the books in any way.

Do you think that now that you are longer a postman it will alter your writing? Your writing is superb, by the way.
:) Thanks.

Interesting question. I fear the first few days when everything is new and my brain is left a mush as the working day ends. I can't even pick up a pen let alone jot down my thoughts. Once that period is over then we will have to see how it alters my writing.

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