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the only bookseller left in a borough of 1.4 million residents, will soon be shutting down for good.

And I thought there were too few bookstores in my hometown (five times less population and ten times more bookstores* than Bronx
*small ones, but still...
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I have warm, nostalgic feelings for book and record stores, but the world has changed and mourning the loss of those things is like mourning the demise of the milk man or real sugar in your soda.

Meaning there will still be book stores, just like there are still record stores, and probably even local "artisanal" dairies that will leave milk on your doorstep. I don't think the loss of huge, lowest common denominator chains is something to get wound up over. It's like shedding tears over a Walmart closing.

The 10% of people who read will continue to read. The paper book is a relic, like it or not.

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