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I don't know how hard it is to get hold of but it appears that I have been able to obtain (via a TV director friend) a legitimate copy of BOOKMARK: Ordinary Madness of Charles Bukowski (1995). This documentary left a big impression on me at the time and I'm looking forward to revisiting it. It's being saved as a birthday gift so the wait goes on but I'd be interested if anybody else was turned on to Bukowski through this documentary.
That documentary was the first time I'd heard Bukowski speak, in those clips. I'd only been reading him for a couple of years, but I taped that show and still have the tape today - just no VCR to watch it on! My memory tells me that it was a great little film - the Sean Penn segment sticks in my mind. When I came to watch Born Into This just last year, I wasn't so impressed - but you find out a lot about a guy when you keep reading his books and bios and so I guess B-I-T just didn't reveal anything new.
Does anyone know where you can buy a copy of Bookmark:The ordinary madness of Charles Bukowski. ? - I would love to see it...
actually, you can buy very-low quality VHS rips on Ebay and elsewhere, but I wouldn't do it. The quality sucks, believe me.
it's also available on the P2P networks...
Thanks, cirerita! I have'nt heard of P2P networks but I guess I can google it...
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One fine day I'll transfer my original VHS (well original in that I taped it during the original broadcast) onto a DVD for longevity. Shame it can't be distributed.


I have finally got this on DVD but unfortunately it has a time code bar running on the top middle of the screen throughout. Still watchable if not the perfect print I was hoping for. I'll look into burning some copies for those interested.

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