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I have no desire whatsoever to ever read this book.


Indeed you can judge a book by its cover. Fuck this book.
I never want to read any of the Harry Potter books.

The number of people who have said to me: "I don't like reading books, but I love reading Harry Potter books." That's like saying: "I don't like music, but I love Barney the dinosaur's new record."

I'm going to take a leap of faith and say she basically ripped off a dozen other writers to create a fun collection of kids books. That's right, "kids books." I am assured by many friends and family members that I would love these books. That'll do for me, no need to read them.

I won't read fifty shades, but that's basically because I'm too busy knocking one out to articles in Cosmopolitan.
The sanitised official biographies of sportsmen who are still playing are absolutely woeful. I suppose they'd be the male equivalent of celeb books like that Kardashian one. Who the fuck are they anyway? I've heard of them but that's about it.
Try to contain your excitement David - Valdez will be in all good book stores soon.
Something about a sex tape, a lot of shopping, a banal tv show, more shopping, a gold medal winner, O.J. Simpson...Goddamn, Dante, I'm ashamed I know that much. Heh. Pushing onward...

I absolutely never want to read this book. Fuck you, Lord of the Dance.
They just appeared here in the UK two or three years ago. On the cover of 'gossip mags' and in newspapers. It was like the media were saying "look we know you don't know who they are but we're going to tell you about them until you do". I asked my girlfriend about them and, despite occasionally reading those mags, she admitted she pretty much didn't have a clue who they were either. She's reasonably intelligent too, despite her taste in men.

As for Flatley, what an absolute twat.

I am guilty of reading a page or two of this in a bookstore some time ago. I drop-kicked it down the aisle. That felt pretty good. I will never read another McKuen book as long as I live. They are fun to kick though.
I was browsing for books to throw in this thread when I discovered this. Haha, so that's why they called him "The Rifleman."
Odd...imagine being known as the boy who held Chuck Connors wood. If there was one thing he would change in his life, I bet it'd be that book cover.

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